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About Covidence

Covidence is a web-based system that streamlines the systematic review process.
Available to Cleveland Clinic caregivers via an institutional subscription.

Brief Overview:

  • Citations are imported into Covidence from EndNote, Mendeley, or Zotero.
  • Review members are invited to join the project and the team creates inclusion/exclusion criteria and study tags.
  • Covidence guides each member through: initial screening of titles/abstracts, full text review, quality assessment, data extraction, and exporting review data and generates an up-to-date PRISMA flow diagram to document each step. 

Systematic Review Team

  Mary Pat Harnegie

  216-444-7335 Alumni Lib
  216-491-7454 So Pointe

  Mary Schleicher


  Neil Nero


Help with Covidence

Citation Management Guides

We recommend that in addition to Covidence, you use a citation manager to organize your references while writing your systematic review. The library provides basic support for the following citation managers:

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