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CardioSource Plus Login Steps: Home

Login Steps for CardioSourcePlus

IMPORTANT -- use these steps to login through Ovid to tie your existing ACC account to the Cleveland Clinic CardioSource Plus subscription 

1. From Library Home, click A-Z Databases

2. Click "C" on the List of Databases and scroll to CardioSource Plus

3. If prompted, enter Library Account credentials for Off-Campus Access (last name, employee #, library account password)

4. The MyACC login page displays.  Type your MyACC email and password in the boxes below.  If you don't have an account, click Create Free Account.


5. CardioSourcePlus page displays showing your name once logged in.  Click SAPs & select the one you want.


6. Using EchoSAP as an example, click Launch EchoSAP


7. Click Login on the EchoSAP screen


8. Start the Self-Assessment

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