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Measuring Your Impact: What is ORCID

Overview of h-index, Eigenfactor, Impact Factor (IF), Journal Citation Reports, Citation Analysis, and other tools.

What is ORCID

ORCID is unique identifying number that distinguishes every author from each other and is integrated into the manuscript and grant submission process.  It alleviates mistaken identity among researchers who share the same or similar name, and establishes a reliable connection between an author's research output. More publishers and grants are requiring authors to have an ORCID number.  Registration is free.


More Information

If you have more questions about metrics and assessment contact:

Charlotte Bhasin or Mario Scarcipino

If you have questions about databases or where to publish contact:

Michelle Kraft or Matt Weaver

Where To Publish

The library recommends using these aids to determine the best place to publish your research.