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Apps & iPads : Library iPad FAQs

iPad FAQs

Borrowing iPads

  • Who can borrow? Can I check it out for someone else?
    ONLY current Cleveland Clinic main campus employees with a badge in good standing with the library can borrow an iPad for themselves. Borrowers CANNOT check out an iPad for any other person nor lend it to someone even if they are a Clinic employee

  • How long can I have it?
    1 week, no renewals.

  • What are the fines if I return it late?
    $10/day no grace period.

  • Do I have to personally return it or can I put it in the book drop?
    You must hand it to a library staff person. You cannot put it in the drop box.

  • Can I take it to another hospital, home, etc?
    Yes, you must be able to access wifi service for it to work outside of the Clinic. You may need to add your wifi to the settings, but do not alter the Clinic's wifi settings.

  • What happens if I break, lose or the iPad is stolen?
    You are financially responsible for the iPad and its accessories.


  • I can't get on the web, it is asking for a password.
    This is a known issue for Clinic iPads accessing the Internet. Just type in any letter/character and hit login.  IT is working to resolve the issue.

  • I can't seem to get on the Clinic secure network.
    It can sometimes take 1-2 minutes to get on the secure wifi. If it does not get on the secure wifi within 2 minutes turn the iPad off and on. It should reconnect to the secure network.  If you are already on the secure network and  trying to access the Internet it may ask for a password. Just type in any letter/character and hit login. Do not try to change the Clinic wifi settings.

  • Can I load my own apps?
    Yes, However upon its return we will delete the apps and any information left on the iPad.

  • Can I recommend the library add an app permanently to their iPads?
    Yes please email with your recommendations.

  • Can I connect the iPad to iTunes on my computer?
    The iPad is limited to a specific library iTunes account. iTunes on your personal computer will not recognize the iPad. You can transfer files using email or an account like DropBox..

  • Can I use the iCloud?
    Apple place restrictions on linking iCloud accounts with individual Apple mobile devices.  Most features of the iCloud will not be available on the library iPad. We do not recommend trying to use the iCloud service with the library iPad.

  • How do I update pre-installed apps?
    You will not be able to update an app already installed on the iPad. If an update is necessary, come back to the library for assistance.

Installing personal apps

  • How do install my personal apps?
    You must have your own Apple ID to install new apps.
    • If you have an Apple ID
      • Go to the Apple Store and select an app to install
      • At the Apple ID and password prompt, enter your personal Apple ID and password
    • If you don't have an Apple ID
      • Create an ID at
      • Select an app to install from the Apple Store and select the option to create an account

Other questions


Pre-Loaded Apps on Library iPads

The following traditional iOS apps are installed on the devices: iMessage, Photos, Camera, Maps, Clock, Photo Booth, Calendar, Contacts, Notes, Reminders, Newstand, App Store, Game Center, Music, Videos, Mail, Podcasts, iBooks and Safari,

Below is a list of specific apps that are pre-loaded on the library's iPad.

If you would like other apps to be permanently loaded on the library iPads, please email Theresa Kline with suggestions.