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CCLCM Students: Resources

CCLCM Books on Reserve

A number of books are on reserve in the library workroom for CCLCM students.  Bring your ID badge to the front desk to use these books in the library.

Full list of CCLCM Books on Reserve 

See tab for Reserve E-Books

 Overnight Checkout:

Reserve books may be checked out overnight under the following conditions:

  • You must be a current CCLCM student with a valid library account in good standing.
  • Limit of 3 books per student per night.
Monday - Friday: Saturday:
Borrow after 5:30pm (library closes at 6:30pm) Borrow after 3:30pm (library closes at 4:30pm)
Return by 8:00am the next morning (library opens at 7:30am) Return by 8:00am Monday morning (library opens at 7:30am


 Overdue Penalties:

If you fail to return a book within the above timeframe, you will lose overnight checkout priveleges for 7 days. If it happens a second time, you will lose overnight checkout priveleges for 30 days.  Repeat violations may result in permanent loss of overnight checkout priveleges.

Medical Journals via iPad or iPhone

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More Books and Journals

Books on subjects from your curriculum can be found in several places on our shelves:

Subject           Call Number
Allery & Immunology QW 501-949
Atlases, Anatomy WB 39
Cardiology WG
Digestive System WI
Endocrinology WK
Hematology WH
Microbiology QW
Neurology WL
Psychiatry WM
Psychology BF
Reproductive Biology QH 471-489
Respiratory System WF


Search BOTH links below to find ALL books and journals on your topic. 

Contact us

Medical Librarian

 Theresa Kline  

  Phone: 216-444-5699