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Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi: Help Guides

Getting Started

To find immediate patient care information:

To research articles on a topic:

  • Medical topics, search PubMed first.
  • Nursing or allied health topics, search CINAHL first.

To find a specific e-book or e-journal:

To find patient educuation handouts:

How to Find Ebooks & Ejournals

  How to Find Ebooks & Ejournals

How to Find Journals

  1. Type title in search box and click Search.
  2. Find correct title on results page.
  3. Check coverage years against your citation.  Example: 2007 to present = articles available from 2007 to current issue.
  4. Click link to go to provider's site.  Find year, then volume, then issue, then page of your citation.
  5. Click PDF to print/save article/chapter.

What does Embargo mean?

  1. Embargo = journal NOT available during the embargo period.
  2. Example: 1998 to present Embargo: (1 year) = journal available from 1998 to 1 year ago.  Not available for the past 12 months.