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Cleveland Clinic Author Database: About the Legacy Author Database

About the Legacy Author Database 1993-2015

Our library maintains a database of publications authored by Cleveland Clinic Professional Staff and employees since 1993.  You are welcome to search the publicly accessible version of this database which has publications from 2010 to the present.  Go to the Author Database Home page to find this link.

Need more years? Contact Marlene Englander,, 216-445-7337.

What's in the database?  How frequently is it updated?

  • Citations/references to published articles, editorials, letters to the editor, book chapters, and books written by any author affiliated with the Cleveland Clinic.
  • Does not include “in press” or “submitted” publications.
  • Does not include book reviews, meeting abstracts, presentations, poster sessions, or media.
  • Does not include the article, book, book chapter full text.
  • Daily updates to the master database.  Weekly updates to the public Author database.

Where do the citations come from?

  • Feeds from MEDLINE, Web of Science, Scopus, PsycInfo, and other databases.
  • Books in the library collection, or identified through publishers, vendors, or other websites.
  • Information from authors, verified by Library Staff.

When would this database be helpful?

  • To find an article, book, or book chapter written by a specific Cleveland Clinic author or department.
  • To find an article written by a Cleveland Clinic author in a particular journal.

When should I look elsewhere?

  • To find articles written by Cleveland Clinic authors on a particular topic. Search PubMed to find articles on a topic, or contact Library Staff for help.
  • Cannot search by subject or keyword in the Author Database.
  • To find articles citing any of these publications.  Use Web of Science or Scopus for cited reference searches, or contact Library Staff for help.